"BRU NA BROC" healing centre, is situated in the hills of the Leitrim landscape, 5 miles from the town of DOWRA.
The centre comprises of a log cabin, a sweat lodge, and a moon hut. The cabin is where the workshops take place, and one to one healing sessions are conducted. From here, you look across to the mountains of Tibawn, Cuilcagh the Play Bank and Sliabh an Iarainn.
Sliabh an Iarainn is the mountain from myth, where the Tuatha De Dannann first landed when they arrived in Ireland. Legend tells us they came in a mist, landed here and brought the four gifts to the people of Eiriu.
We gather in the Moon hut for sacred ceremonies for women. Here we work with the three initiatory phases of life, the maiden, mother and crone, to bring about deep healing for women as they go through these changes.
The mountain upon which the centre sits, is called "Killooman". Its name means "the church of ogham, and for many years a druid school resided here. An ogham stone stands here still, a testament to those days of old.
The spirit of the land here at "Bruideann na re Lan", is alive with the people of the sidhe. The shining ones, the Tuatha De, still reside here, and can be seen and sensed when the veil is thinnest, at twilight, and particularly around the time of the old festivals

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