THE BASIC WORKSHOP is a prerequisite for the certificate course.
Shamanism is a very ancient spirituality, and a powerful form of healing. It is the oldest spiritual and healing tradition known to humans, dating back 50,000 years. Shamanism is not an organised religion, having no hierarchical constructs or codified belief systems, rather it is a spiritual tradition with a basic animistic acceptance, that all living things have a soul. As such, it cuts across all creeds and faiths, reaching deep levels of ancestral memory.

On the basic workshop we will cover many aspects of core shamanism. Core shamanism is the identical motifs and traditions and techniques used by shamans, regardless where in the world they are. Within all world shamanic traditions, we find the shamanic men or women of those tribes conducting similar rituals, performing identical healing methods, and using various techniques to enter altered states of consciousness.
While in these altered states, access to non ordinary reality is gained, and once there, healing is done in the form of soul retrieval, psycho pomp work, and extraction work.
The importance of nature, and the animistic way in which the druids, Celtic and pre Celtic people viewed the world is a central feature in shamanism. This deep reverence of and connection to the land around them, and the belief that all living things have a spirit, means that loving and respecting all life comes naturally.

* Journey to meet power animal
* Working with the ancient ogham alphabet
* Journey to personal ogham tree
* Working with the four elements
* Learning to live in harmony with the 8 festivals of the old Celtic year
* Meditation to a place of personal power
* Healing circle
* Basic study of core shamanism


Living in accordance with nature, means living in tune with the seasons. This we know the Celts did, as they divided the year into a bright/samos half [from Beltainne to Samhain] and a dark/giamos half [from Samhain back to Beltainne]. These two halves were further subdivided by the four cross quarter fire festivals, Samhain, Imbolc, Beltainne and Lughnasadh, and a further division was made with the solar festivals of the solstices and equinoxes.
The druids spoke often of "spirit of place", and its importance while being in ordinary reality. This is why I feel it is so important to incorporate the turning of the wheel of the year while undertaking the study of core shamanic practice. So I have structured this practitioner's course to be spread out over the year, in a way that enables us to come together in community and celebrate each of the eight festivals in a seasonally appropriate way. We will be covering core shamanic practices also. In this way, you get the opportunity to experience fully the connection with nature in a seasonal way. As we move through the year and see the changes in the seasons around us, we will notice our own inner transformation as we synchronise with this natural phenomena. It can be a very powerful experience!
The course will be held over a full year, and will consist of 6 day long workshops, and 2 weekend workshops. The workshops and weekends will coincide with the eight festivals, where we will come together in community and celebrate the ancient Irish festivals of the old Celtic year. Each festival will be celebrated and studied in its own particular way, with rituals, journey work, and individually relevant ceremonies which attune to the festival at hand. We will also be covering aspects of core shamanism at each workshop.
At the four solar festivals [the Solstices & Equinox's] we will be studying the Four Gifts brought by the Tuatha De Dannann to the people of Eiriu. Students will journey to these four elemental gifts, getting a deeper understanding and awareness of them, and therefore themselves.
The course has been structured to ensure that all aspects of core shamanism, and in particular shamanism from the Druidic/Celtic shamanic tradition, are covered comprehensibly. During this time, the students will get a working knowledge and deep internal understanding of the turning of the wheel of the old Celtic year, thus gaining insight and wisdom as they connect to nature, and in particular the nature of Eriu. The druids spoke often of "the spirit of place", meaning the connection to the land and nature in which you find yourself in. Celebrating the eight festivals, helps to attune us to the spirit of place here in Ireland, it helps to attune us to the seasons around us and to our own deep inner seasonal clock.
Certificates will be awarded to those who have completed the full training, including attendance of all eight workshops and theoretical and experiential work completed. In order to begin the certificate course, attendance of the basic workshop on Celtic shamanism is necessary.

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