Simone Ni Chinneide has spent the past 20 years doing intensive transpersonal and shamanic work. She was a teacher in meditation and visualisation techniques for 7 years in Dublin, before moving to Leitrim in 2000.
Her journey as a shaman began 20 years ago. In 1990 she trained with a Druidic triad. This training lasted for four years. This Celtic/druidic inspired shamanism is what she practices and teaches today.
She was ordained as priestess in the Fellowship of Isis, in 1999. This ordination confers upon her the ability to officiate in handfasting and baby naming/blessing ceremonies.
The healing work that she does today is of a transpersonal nature. It is a combination of ceremonial rituals, including cord cutting ceremonies, past life healing, reiki, astrology, breathwork, deep healing through guided visualization techniques, and traditional shamanic techniques, such as, soul retrieval, extraction work and psycho pomp work.
She is qualified in Shamanic Breathwork, and is a qualified Shamanic practitioner.
Simone is also qualified in Reiki, and the Michael Harner method of Shamanic Counselling.
Shamanic Counselling is a very powerful method of healing, as it so totally empowers the individual to heal themselves, as indeed all shamanic work does.
Simone is available for one to one sessions, and holds workshops on Celtic Shamanism.

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